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Fireplace doors 

Doors for prefabricated chimneys of immediate delivery with different measures and with handle to the left or to the right.

Prefabricated doors, ideal for fireplaces

If you want to enjoy a safe, efficient and clean chimney, you can do so easily. Don't you have resort to the cassette for fireplaces, which can be handy once installed, but that is often a source of many problems. With our prefabricated doors you can convert your open fireplace in a low consumption heating equipment, with greater control of temperature and completely safe.

Our doors are fitted with fire-resistant vitroceramic glass to let you adjust the amount of air that enters the interior of the chimney, reducing the amount of heat that escapes by the shot, which is known as funnel effect. You may kiss the fire to feel its heat, because to separate yourself somewhat notes how this escapes. With a prefabricated door help better distribute the heat emitting the chimney, reducing the amount of fuel consumed and improving comfort throughout your House. You will have a safe, clean and efficient fireplace without work or settings that produce an aesthetic effect unattractive.

We offer you quality doors, with the more usual measures of the market, so that you can choose which fits with your fireplace opening. You can place it easily and in just a few hours, a time that seal is dry, enjoy the most effective warmth. See all measures we have available and choose yours. We sent it you anywhere, with everything you need so that you perform the installation without works.

Cassette fireplaces

Cassettes of fireplaces are convenient, allowing you to close the door and reduce the risk that a spark jump and fire. They are also efficient because they have an adjustable entrance, which helps to control the intensity of the fire. However, there are drawbacks that does not make them the best choice in already-built fireplaces.

A cassette has a few very concrete measures. Which means, either you put it and build to your around the fireplace, or you'll have to break an important part of the smoke outlet to the tube that makes the smoke exit out. Besides that you will need to be smaller than the fireplace opening, because otherwise not you can place it. This translates to the end in a smaller fireplace, a reform to break first and then fix everything that's broken, and a result that often leaves much to be desired.

With a prefabricated gate you will save all this, as well as the price you have to pay for it, since it is not something that can be done either. Hot Fire Door - doors for fireplaces have immediate delivery and our doors you can place them very easily. It is as simple as drilling the inner edges of your fireplace opening, the screws and sealing the joints with refractory PuTTY. The result is a very efficient, decorative fireplace and that you can enjoy without headaches because the cassette does not fit.

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