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Fireplace doors

In HotFireDoor - Doors for fireplaces you will find a wide range of doors prefabricated fireplace mantel, with choice of handle to the left or right. The best option to place crystals glass-ceramics of high resistance.

Applus Laboratories

Comparison of a brick fireplace with and without HotFireDoor enclosure

We do not affirm this, but Applus. Our chimney doors have passed an exhaustive quality and efficiency evaluation, ensuring maximum performance in fireplaces.


Evaluation of the efficiency, performance, emissions and ambient temperature characteristics, both for a chimney construction without enclosure and with enclosure.


We received a HotFireDoor enclosure set, consisting of a front door for the fireplace and a grate for collecting ashes. In addition, an open construction fireplace with refractory bricks fed with wood.


Thanks to NEOCERAM glass we install in our doors for fireplaces, we ensure that the moments of relaxation in front of the fireplace will be safe and without sparks.

Get a warm and comfortable home in winter, as well as a very pleasant sensation, is a necessity. Something that can be easily accomplished with a good fireplace, providing that touch home and decorative like everyone, while it makes sure our home is warm when the cold pressed on the street. However, this type of heating may have some problems, such as dirt, odours, smoke, low energy efficiency or risk of fire. Although there is a solution: doors for fireplaces.

Fireplace doors

A fireplace enclosure is a way to reduce risks and eliminate dirt which often accompanies these. The best way to do this is by installing a door, much more practice than inserts, which often forced to do works because its dimensions do not conform to the fireplace opening that we have. A door fireplace it is very easy to install, does not need any kind of work and you can find both in the more usual as with special sizes measures.

Doors allow better control of temperature and optimizes fuel consumption, since the energy efficiency of a closed fireplace can become more than twice as much as an open. There is more to adjust the air inlet to the inside of the fireplace to our specific needs to enjoy a better temperature, a comfortable space with the unmatched warmth that provides the fireplace when it is turned on.

And manufacturers of doors for fireplaces, offer you the opportunity to convert any room into a place nice and warm. Thanks to the glass ceramic, you can not only feel the heat, but also enjoy the image of on the fire, a still more pleasant sensation when the cold. And is that few things there is so attractive in winter as the stamp of flames consuming a little charcoal.

Doors for fireplaces work

If you have a fireplace of work at home, you don't need to make any adjustments to make it more efficient. The only thing you have to do is choose the fireplace door that conforms to the measure of the gap and install it quickly and easily. We provide you with everything you need to make the installation works without complications. Just follow the instructions and in a very short time you will feel the warmth of home, reducing fuel consumption and waste.

Vitroceramic glass doors also ensure security, something of special interest if you live in a House with children. We know that the little kids enjoy playing to be higher, for example moving logs or pulling something to the fire to make it burn. With a door fireplace avoided to do so without supervision, with the risk that this entails. In addition, there is no danger that a spark jump the gap and fire, so you can go to sleep calmly, without waiting for the coals to turn off completely. This will not remove you sleep.

HotFireDoor - Doors for fireplaces have prefabricated doors of many sizes, so you can place a glass of high resistance to fire and warm your home without giving up the comfort and security.

Doors for fireplaces HotFireDoor

Our fireplace vitroceramic glass door, will receive you the image you are looking for when you enter House. The movement of the flame, the feeling of warmth that it envelops everything nothing more open the street door and inviting to enter and close quickly, take off your coat and sit by the fire.

We offer you the widest range of products for fireplaces and barbecues. In addition to our doors manufactured to the most common measures, with immediate delivery so that you don't have to wait, you can buy doors manufactured with other measures and forms on request, crystals to measure, the best accessories for fireplaces and metal grills. We provide service throughout Europe, safely and quickly.

All of our products have been manufactured according to the strictest controls. Thus we can guarantee that they meet perfectly his role, offering the best finish, and no need for cumbersome works. You can place your own the door fireplace, with a more satisfactory result. Forget about the uncomfortable inserts or cassettes which never fit into the fireplace opening and require uncomfortable adjustments.

Our prefabricated doors and custom crystals always the best image of the fire, always with safety, cleanliness and efficiency. You will keep your hot home without endangering your family, as well as reduce fuel consumption, which means great savings and greater care of the environment. If this is what you want, you're in the right place.

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