Ceramic glass made to measure

Custom ceramic glass (for fireplaces and stoves) with high resistance to heat, to 760°C

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  • 4 mm
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Do you have a fireplace with glass door, but this has broken or is not as efficient as it should be? Like to get more heat from your fireplace and are looking for a quality door glass? Stop looking, because you've come to the right place. We have glass fireplace mantel you need, with the best properties and maximum resistance to fire. You can enjoy the warmth that gives a lit stove without giving up the image of fuelwood consumed.

Close Fireplace with glass

Open fireplaces have a problem of efficiency. Indeed, it is estimated only getting take 35 per cent of the heat that can generate fire, what does that you have to lend us this if we want to keep us warm. The solution is to place a gate, which if it is completely metal does not enjoy the spectacle offered by the fire. To avoid this, we propose to install glass fireplace doors, which optimizes consumption while he does not see the flames, generating even greater feeling of warmth in the room.

We manufacture your door to measure, so that the lace in the chimney. With a strength of more than 750 degrees, the glass ceramic is the best solution for your fireplace. It allows you to feel the warmth of the fire, control the temperature to keep the entire stay comfortable and make sure that there is no risk of a spark to get out of the fireplace and light something. Save money on firewood, collaborating with your economy and the environment, and guaranteeing your peace of mind, because you don't have to wait until the fire is completely powered off.

The calculations do not lie: a fireplace with heat-resistant glass has more than twice the energy efficiency than an open fireplace. This translates into less consumption and an improvement in the distribution of heat throughout the House. Forget having to adding fuel to remain warm your room. You only need to adjust the air inlet with your glass door and enjoy the feeling that offers a good fire.

Another advantage of closed fireplaces is cleaning. The charcoal that is produced through combustion spreads throughout the House, blackening the walls and floors, as well as a layer of ash over the furniture. A glass door solves the problem, because it retains the waste inside the home. You will have a warm, comfortable housing and more clean, no problems for those who suffer from respiratory illness, that may not be close to open fire. And not only is ash, but that smells nor passed to improve the shot and exit for the flue pipe.

Glass fireplace doors

Glass for fireplaces ensure the perfect heat diffusion that emits fire. You won't miss out an important part for the flue tube, as it is the case with other systems. The result is a warm and welcoming, without having to stick to the fire to feel its heat.

Glass doors make that you can heat in less time your rooms, so it is much more effective than an open fireplace.

Hot Fire Door - doors for fireplaces have glass custom need. Whether you want to put a new door as if has broken you the glass of your fireplace and need to replace it with another, which is effective and resistant, do not have more to give us the measurements and we will send you immediately need. You can easily put it in the door and start using your fireplace.

The vitroceramic glass of quality we offer ensures the safety of your home and your family. It is so tough that even used in professional kitchens, since it resists sudden changes of temperature without danger of breaking. We work with premium vitroceramic glass, in different thicknesses to suit the needs of all doors for fireplaces, always with the best results.

As for the price, our glass for fireplaces is not more expensive than other types of glass. The only thing in it that you will notice the difference is in the result offering the door once you have it since. We manufacture your glass ceramic as the best price, so you don't have to sacrifice anything. Take care of your Pocket without giving up quality. Other advantages offered by the resistant glass the fire that we have.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will attend you as soon as possible. And if you have it clear, points out the dimensions and thickness you want and you can have your glass to measure fireplace doors.

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